Fresh Bamboo Liquid Soap

Fresh Bamboo Liquid Soap


Our hand soap is made from scratch in small batches. A mild handwash that leaves your skin smelling good and moisturized.


SCENT: It's a fresh mix of bamboo stalks, aloe, jasmine, vetiver, and soft musk.


150ml - White Plastic Pump Bottle

250ml - Amber Glass Pump Bottle

500ml - Amber Glass Pump Bottle

500ml - Plastic Refill Jug

  • Ingredients

    Saponified oils of Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Cocout Oil and Water.


Our products are made from natural and safe ingredients

We use natural and safe ingredients in all of our products. They contain no sulfur and no formaldehyde. It is parabens free and use non-GMO ingredients. The best results come with natural products. 

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Sulfate free




Phthalate free


Paraben free