White Plum Shampoo
  • White Plum Shampoo

    Our shampoo bars are made entirely from scratch, using gentle cleansers, and other high quality ingredients. They contain many of the same ingredients as expensive salon shampoos, just without the water!  Every bar contains a custom blend of moisturizing butters, proteins, and extracts, and is pH balanced specifically for hair.


    Scent: a fresh and elegant scent that creates relaxation. A fruity fig and plum type surrounded by rose, lily of the valley, and powdery raspberry notes.


    How to use:   Wet hair and massage bar onto scalp.  Use fingers to create lather. Follow with conditioner (if needed).  This bar can also be used as a body wash.  Keep dry in between uses.



    50 grams in BLACK JAR

    70 grams REFILL


      Gentle and caring
      to your skin.

      We use natural and safe ingredients in making our products, making sure that each cares for your skin like no other. They contain no sulfur and no formaldehyde. It is paraben-free and use non-GMO ingredients.

      sulfuric free.png

      Sulfate free


      Non GMO


      Phthalate free


      Paraben free